About us

Legal form

The National Office of Tunisian Crafts is a non-administrative public company under the Ministry of Tourism and Crafts.


The National Office of Tunisian Crafts main tasks are to implement the state strategy for safeguarding and development Tunisian handicrafts sector, including :
  • Supervision of the sector by setting up regional structures which assist the artisans and craft enterprises on technically and administratively.
  • Developing professional skills of the human resources in the craft sector.
  • Promoting Tunisian handicrafts and promoting the marketing of craft products in domestic and international markets and facilitating the adaptation of small businesses to market requirements, new technologies of information and communication and international competition.
  • The investment promotion and supporting job creation in the artisanal sector.
  • The promotion of innovation and creativity and the development of policies for the protection and preservation of artisanal heritage.
  • Promoting and improving quality by implementing a system of standardization and certification of roadworthiness craft products quality for the local market and export.
  • The development of international cooperation in order to implement programs which contribute to the development of the sector.
  • Participation in the design and development of infrastructure to support the development of crafts such as craft villages in all governorates.
  • The development of programs for the development of the craft sector and completion of all studies relating to handicrafts sector.